fit20 Master Franchisee: Your once in a lifetime chance

People’s lives are busier than ever. The 24/7 economy has made time the second most precious commodity. Our most precious commodity is our health. These two facts of life are often at odds. Exercise is vital for health but people often lack the time to spend hours in the gym. The good news is there is a solution for this dilemma: fit20.

fit20 offers you a very attractive revenue model and a meaningful business.

Dutch-based fit20 Franchise has offered thousands of people worldwide an effective way to increase their health and fitness levels significantly by training just once a week for 20 minutes. By adapting and innovating science-based High Intensity Resistance Training fit20 has become its world market leader. And now you can make this success story your business opportunity.

fit20 is expanding internationally rapidly and has licensed Master Franchisees in 12 countries on 5 continents. As a scalable franchise formula fit20 offers a highly profitable business model. fit20 combines human touch with cutting-edge technology in its boutique style studio’s. This is the fastest growing segment within the fitness industry today. The on-line and hands-on fit20 Academy guarantees a fast and successful launch.

Interested in hearing from Walter Vendel (CEO fit20 Group)? Listen to what he has to say:

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Total required capital starts as low as €195.000 for your exclusive country or regional fit20 business.

Depending on population size and wealth, including initial Start fee.

To qualify

Availability of sufficient funding and resources.

Affinity with health and fitness services to support people's wellbeing.

Franchise fee

Fair, market conform startup and monthly revenue fees are applicable.

A balanced fee structure is key to your succesful and profitable franchise business.

Flagship studio

A fit20 studio is between 70 & 100 m2

You may open a fit20 flagship studio on a high profile location where you will train your future franchisees.

Our success formula


More than 15.000 clients

More than 15.000 clients who altogether have completed more than 2.000.000 training sessions and counting.


140+ studios worldwide

More than 300 personal trainers are at work every day in more than 140 studios in 8 countries getting clients more healthy and fit


International franchise system

Our first studio opened in 2009 in The Netherlands. We now have studios open in the USA, New-Zealand, the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Morocco,and Qatar. More countries to come in the near future.

"The fact that my clients come back week after week is my biggest compliment"

Hilde Scherrewitz - fit20 franchise owner

"The fact that my clients come back week after week is the biggest compliment for me’ It means my clients value the service I provide. I love fit20. Personally, I have always been active in sports, but I have never felt as strong as I do now because of my fit20 training. There is a tremendous body of knowledge at fit20 and I really enjoy learning more as I grow as a franchise owner and as a trainer."

"fit20 has provided me with the path to real entrepreneurship"

Bas Pronk - Franchise owner

"fit20 has provided me with the path to real entrepreneurship. It has helped bring out the best in me. I relish in my entrepreneurial successes and I have come to enjoy resolving the challenges associated with being a business owner. Now that my studio is stable and successful I see new opportunities ahead. This reminds me that fit20 was the right choice for me.

"One of my passions in life is to help other people improve the quality of their lives"

Catharina Flisijn | Master Franchisee New Zealand

fit20 appealed to me because improving the quality of lives of others, whether it’s our clients or the FO’s and their team. it’s at the core of this business. I felt excited about the science backed training and the niche market that fit20 operates in, which perfectly suits our aging population and our busy modern life styles. Without having a specific business background, the proven fit20 business model and supportive Franchise organisation gives me the support I need. Being a Master Franchisee gives me the opportunity to combine entrepreneurship with personal growth as there are lots of challenges and learning along the way. I am looking forward building the team here in New Zealand. Working together with all necessary partners and our clients, I want to change the way people work out across New Zealand.

A great opportunity to change people's health and fitness

Roger Karsten, DPT President | fit20 USA, Inc

I chose to become a fit20 MF for two reasons. Firstly, my passion for the science that is the foundation of the fit20 training method. I believe fit20 provides the ideal training solution for people who are not naturally drawn to working out. The second reason is I like the business model. It is simple and highly viable from an economic perspective. As a long-time business owner, I understand that starting a business is always hard, and sometimes tedious work. It helps to have a supportive team behind you and I have found that support in the fit20 International team.

fit20 Master Franchise business proposition & requirements

fit20 Master Franchisee business proposition:

- the exclusive right to develop the fit20 franchise in the designated country
- a long term profitable business
- a proven business model with rapid growth potential
- the benefits of Full Franchise support including the fit20 Academy Platform
- structured business development and support to expedite growth

fit20 Master Franchisee requirements:

- is experienced or familiar with franchising
- is outgoing, has excellent communication skills and a good command of the English language
- has (access to) capital to invest
- is compatible with the fit20 mission and strategy
- is prepared to build the business from a 10-year perspective

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